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All Saints is committed to being accountable to parishioners about ministry activities and parish administration.

Protecting the vulnerable

The Diocese of St. Petersburg requires background screening for all clergy, lay employees, and volunteers who interact with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  The Diocese will report criminal misconduct to the appropriate civil authorities and encourages victims of violence and abuse to contact local law enforcement.  Safe Environment policy documents are listed below.  Click here for more information about diocesan policies and practices.

Donor Privacy Policy

All Saints does not share information about parishioners with any group or individual.  Click here to read the complete text of our Donor Privacy Policy.

Annual Report

Click here to read the most recent annual report about the ministry activities and administrative actions for the previous fiscal year.

U. S. Bishops' accountability

Read the USCCB's statements about accountability here.

Inside of a Church

Disciples Together

Jesus commanded that his disciples treat one another in the way they would like to be treated.  We are accountable to one another as an expression of our faith.

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